1. Is Lady J Sauce Vegan?

    Lady J Sauce is NOT vegan BUT Team Lady J is working on a vegan alternative for our plant based community ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. I placed an order on Tuesday, when do shipments take place?

    Orders are shipped on Monday and Friday. Monday shipments will be received on Wednesday and Friday shipments will be received on Monday.

  3. What size does Lady J Sauce come in?

    Lady J Sauce bottles are 5 oz and 1 gallon (available for pick-up; coming soon online).

  4. Is Lady J Sauce spicy?

    Lady J Sauce is sweet & spicy like grandma. It is sweet and gives you that special kick after it settles in.

  5. Where is Lady J Sauce sold?

    Lady J Sauce is currently sold online and in person.

  6. Are we able to pick up our orders?

    Yes, if you reside in GA or MD, you can select the pick-up option and schedule a pick-up (ladyjsauce.com/pickup) on Friday or Saturday at the location provided.

    FYI: Lady J Sauce Orders for pick-up in Maryland are available at the Overlea Farmerโ€™s Market.

  7. Am I able to purchase Lady J Sauce in bulk?

    The 5 oz Lady J Sauce bottles come as a single, 3-pack or 12 pack. If you are a restaurant, grocery store, etc. and are interested in wholesale, visit ladyjsauce.com/wholesale to submit your inquiry.


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